FormWork leverages the BI paradigm

It’s a framework built by Iconsulting on the basis of the experience gained in more than 400 Data Analytics projects with the aim of developing custom data-entry applications without code-writing. A traditional Business Intelligence system generates reports from a semantic layer which contains the business language. Formwork uses the same paradigm to generate data-entry forms.

  • BI Paradigm
  • Typical Scenario
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Basic Bricks

Read / Write / Validate



Identify / Track



Showcase services in a
spacious & clean manner

Fast project creation

Easy to make prototypes in Excel and then turn into FormWork applications

Ease of Use

Self-learning interface and guided set up wizards

Safe user empowerment

Logics and checks that guide users are embedded in application metadata.


Reduce manual operations in day-by-day operation

Multi-purpose tool

A perfect companion for BI and CPM systems and a framework for creating from scratch a custom data-entry applications


Real time editing in a few clicks

Some of the companies who are already using Formwork

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